Decolonizing Gender Studies: Projects and Participants

Rose-Marie Avin
Dr. Rose-Marie Avin

Rose-Marie Avin (she/her/hers) and Jackie Buttafuoco (she/her/hers) of UW-Eau Claire

Project Title: Creating an Intersectional Womxn Center to Decolonize UWEC, a Predominantly White Institution




Dong Isbister headshot
Dr. Dong Isbister

Dong Isbister (she/her/hers) of UW-Platteville

Project Title: Inclusive Pedagogies for the Campus Community




Jessica Van Slooten
Dr. Jessica Van Slooten
Valerie Murrenus Pilmaier
Dr. Valerie Murrenus Pilmaier

Jessica Van Slooten (she/her/hers) of UW-Green Bay, Manitowoc campus and Valerie Murrenus Pilmaier (she/her/hers) of UW-Green Bay, Sheboygan campus

Project Title:  Decolonizing Pedagogies Across Disciplines




Pam Forman teaching photo
Dr. Pam Forman

Pam Forman of UW-Eau Claire

Project Title: Decolonizing Sociology of Women




Anna Keefe
Dr. Anna Keefe

Anna Keefe (she/her/hers) of UW-La Crosse

Project Title: French 101: Understanding Diversity in the French-Speaking World from Day One




Melinda Brennan
Dr. Melinda Brennan
Krista Grensavitch
Dr. Krista Grensavitch

Melinda Brennan (she/her/hers) and Krista Grensavitch (she/her/hers) of UW-Milwaukee

Project Title: Decolonizing Feminist Education: a Holistic Review of Citational Politics, Cross-listing Procedures, Inclusive Practices, and Feminist Praxis across the Curriculum




Rodlyn-mae Banting
Rodlyn-mae Banting

Rodlyn-mae Banting (she/her/hers), UW-Madison MA Student

Project Title: The Nest that Follows: Creating Transnational Networks of Care via Home University Mentorship Programs for Students of Color Studying Abroad



Rickie-Ann Legleitner
Dr. Rickie-Ann Legleitner

Rickie-Ann Legleitner of UW-Stout (she/her/hers)

Project Title: Sustainable Models for Inclusive Leadership





Hilary Fezzey
Dr. Hilary Fezzey

Hilary Fezzey (she/her/hers) of UW-Superior

Project Title: Enhancing Anti-Racism and Feminist Scholarship in a Literature by Women Course and Beyond




Angela Subulwa
Dr. Angela Subulwa

Angela Subulwa (she/her/hers) of UW-Oshkosh

Project Title: Decolonizing International Studies




Stephanie Selvick
Dr. Stephanie Selvick

Stephanie Selvick (she/her/hers) of UW-Whitewater

Project Title: Transformative Justice Advocacy Training for LGBTQ Student Leaders




Stephanie Rytilahti headshot
Dr. Stephanie Rytilahti

Stephanie Rytilahti (she/her/hers) of UW System Women’s and Gender Studies Consortium

Project Title: Intersectional Approaches to Caregiving and Equity