UW-Platteville WGS Minor Presents at Red River Women’s Studies Conference

Kaley Mumma-UW Platteville
Kaley Mumma, UW-Platteville Senior

This past October, UW-Platteville senior and WGS minor gave a presentation at the 2020 Red River Women’s Studies Conference, hosted by North Dakota State University. Mumma presented on black women and the suffrage movement.

Mumma, a WGS minor with double majors in agriculture education and environmental horticulture, learned about the opportunity for the presentation while taking WGS Professor Dong Isbister’s course, Black Women and Feminism in the U.S.

Dong Isbister headshot
Professor Dong Isbister

Mumma shared, “I really wanted to focus on black women suffrage…In the 1920s, the 19th amendment gave women the right to vote, but there was still a 45-year gap where women of color could not vote. I want to bring awareness to the fact that disenfranchisement is a big part of U.S. history.”

In Spring 2021, Mumma will take an independent research course with Professor Isbister, where she will continue to work towards her goal of making the agriculture field more diverse and inclusive.

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