2021 Conference Artist Exhibition

Body Maps made by UW-Madison students and curated by Dr. Kate Phelps.

The Resistance and Reimagination Virtual Artist Exhibition shares the work of local, national, and international artists, conference participants, and members of 4W Initiative network. Content explores the intersections of art, feminism, activism, and scholarship through a variety of virtual paintings, poetry, performances, and more. The exhibition invites critical reflection and dialogue around how the arts can help us to: 1) deconstruct and reimagine life and society; and 2) make collaborative change around gender and wellbeing. This virtual exhibition is available on-demand throughout the conference and will connect to larger conference themes and conversations.

Click on the artist’s name below to view their artwork.
Scroll to the bottom of each artist’s page to leave comments or questions and engage in conversation with the artist and other conference participants.

Fabu Carter | Finn Enke | Araceli Esparza | Erin Finley | Alison Gates | Global Artisans Initiative | Maggy Hiltner | Quanda Johnson | Helen Klebesadel | Rachel Litchman | Rosemary Meza-DesPlas | Laura Nash | Kate Phelps | Erika Rosales | Sylvie Rosenthal | Ellen Samuels | Heather Saunders | Chris Stark | Tar Sands Storytelling Project | Valaria Tatera | United ReSistersKatie Zaman


Curated by 4W Assistant Director Olivia Dahlquist. Please email 4w@sohe.wisc.edu for inquiries.