Araceli Esparza

Journaling for Restoration

In the video below, we will be making a journal to set intentions for your health and wellness goals. We will go through a grounding process and connect our imaginations with social action. Follow the writing prompts in the video to make new affirmations for healing and connecting to the present moment of living through a pandemic as BIPOC or LGBTQ person.

Suggested Supplies: Composition notebook, old magazines, self-laminating letter-size sheets. You may also want markers, multicolor copy paper, anything with a fun print (such as an old greeting card), and something that represents you!


Araceli Esparza

Araceli Esparza in a conference room with two others at a tableAraceli Esparza, Latinx Poeta, is an MFA graduate from Hamline University with strong migrant farmer roots. She recently co-edited a poetry anthology with Flying Ketchup Press, The Very Edge Poems, that can be bought at local bookstores and Amazon. She was named Wisconsin’s Most Influential Latina 2018 (Wisconsin State Journal/Madison 365). Esparza is the owner of Wisconsin Mujer, a successful social engagement companyand she hosts the podcast, Midwest Mujeres.  On being a writer, Esparza says, “To me, being a Latinx writer means to be able to catch fires, to bring forth something from labor and sweat, to have enough when there’s not a lot.” 

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2 thoughts on “Araceli Esparza”

  1. I have known of Araceli Esparza’s writing and activism for a while but knew nothing about this part of her work. Is there anything that she cannot do???? There are so many fun things about this, but what I love most is the real time making that she shares. One can imagine watching several times and making your own work alongside Araceli. Araceli is an art friend and teacher that we all need in these times!

  2. Araceli — You are an inspiration in all of your endeavors. Miss seeing you at the conference. But I was delighted to see artistic talk about creating the journals. My journal is a sketch book . On the front is a collage of flower photos: big yellow daffodils, purple allium and a bench in a garden. I use the journal to sketch garden designs and some notes about the day. You inspired me to do more writing in my journal. Just looking at the cover makes me happy and serene. Thanks again for your presentation.

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