HER: Dating and Social App

HER: Dating and Social App

This digital site of study presentation focuses on the dating and social app named ‘HER’ created by Robyn Exton. Founded for and by queer womxn, HER’s feminist and queer origins have created a digital space that accounts for and is made for a wide range of identities. This presentation provides background information on HER by explaining the origin and purpose behind this app and walks through part of the process of creating a profile. To fully understand the connection between origin stories, platforms, and the development of a community, the app HER, is placed in comparison to the dating app Tinder. Questioning how feminist and queer origins versus heterosexist origins maintain the ability to shape or limit queer potential. Further, this presentation discusses different theoretical frameworks and methodological approaches for additional study and analysis of these apps.

  • Tasha Berillo, Women’s and Gender Studies, UW-Milwaukee


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  1. Absolutely fabulous presentation. Clear, interesting, accessible and utilizing a feminist lens to consider user experience. A pleasure to hear about your research!

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