Black Women in American Agriculture

Black Women in American Agriculture

When looking into the tarnished early history of American agriculture, the stories and experiences of Black women are left out. Their voices are essential in analyzing agriculture and its inclusivity. Starting from slavery into emancipation, through Jim Crow, World Wars, and the mass migration of Black Americans out of the South, the journey of Black women in agriculture should be documented so that modern agriculture can learn from its past. History is plagued with the oppression of groups that are seen as lesser and through strength of leaders, society will continue to shift, allowing careers and passions to be fully realized. Following the changes in agricultural involvement of Black women can show American society the dramatic changes that have occurred and can also give a look at how far is left for equity.

  • Kaley Mumma, School of Education, UW-Platteville


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  1. What a great history and topic. Thank you for highlighting the current creative and important work of Black women. Painful and deep history of separation, disconnection and alienation of people and the land through forced labor, enslavement, sharecropping, and oppressive and exclusionary policies, urban, too. . It is such a story of how Black women are recovering and recreating bonds and healing. Gardens must have been so incredibly precious throughout this history.

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