A Manifesta to Reclaim Myself

A Manifesta to Reclaim Myself

My body is what it is, and I am who I am. Yet, I often find that others try to take aspects of my body and map identities and social meaning onto it in ways that are beyond my control. In this manifesta, I take sources that I studied throughout the semester in my Feminist Theories class and interweave them to better understand how other people map social meaning onto aspects of my body. I then examine how this mapping of identities onto my body by others affects me. Lastly, I explore ways that I can over come this to reclaim myself. In the end, I find that I need to map identities onto myself and take control of their meaning to me. With this manifesta, I reclaim myself.

Chamomile Harrison, UWW IMPACT President, CLD LGBTQ* Peer Educator Intern

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  1. It is hard and honest work. Thank you for sharing your process. A life and self of integrity.

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