Wisconsin and Illinois Women in Agriculture Education: Perspectives on Gender Bias

Kaley Mumma (she/her)
Undergraduate Student, School of Education, UW-Platteville


This study explores women agriculture teachers’ perspectives on their gender as an agriculture educator. Women are becoming more prominent as agriculture teachers, and they currently outnumber men in the career field. The rise of women in agriculture education raises two questions: “How many of these women have faced gender bias in agriculture education?” and “When women agriculture educators face gender bias, what form does it take?” To answer these questions, eight women from Wisconsin and Illinois were interviewed, and a survey was sent to the Teach Ag Facebook page. Women agriculture teachers from Wisconsin and Illinois are the focus of this study, because this is a preliminary study to see if further, more widespread research is needed. Overall, this study gained insights on how these women perceive their gender in relation to their career in agriculture education.

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