UW-Madison Senior Thesis Panel

Prismatics of Feminist Activism in Research

Presenters: Maya Cherins, Avery Dick, Dean Dvorak, Alanna Goldstein, Lizzi Sheil, and Crystal Zhao

 Engage with these short, pre-recorded presentations from senior thesis writers in the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies at UW-Madison. These projects explore reproductive health and fatness in health care settings (Maya Cherins), intersectional approaches to shared decision-making in clinical practice (Lizzi Sheil), trans embodiment and euphoria through arts-based therapeutics (Dean Dvorak), Asian American activisms and social media influencers (Crystal Zhao), feminist/queer activisms in kritikal debate (Alanna Goldstein), and a care-based approach to research on abuse, trauma, and fat studies (Avery Dick).

1 thought on “UW-Madison Senior Thesis Panel”

  1. Such tremendous work, senior thesis writers! I am very proud to have seen these projects develop over the course of the year. What exciting scholarship! Congratulations!

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