Performance Review and Evaluation Guidelines for COVID and Caregiving

The Caregiving Task Force has created the below 3 documents which offer employees of all classification levels the opportunity to document how COVID and its potential overlap with caregiving impacts career performance, evaluation, and tenure.  The guidelines included below offer review committees the chance to reconsider tenure requirements, taking into consideration the ways in which increased caregiving duties during COVID have impacted academic work.  The documents for Instructional Academic Staff (IAS) and Academic Staff similarly bring COVID to the forefront of performance reviews.

These documents are merely guides, or recommended models to begin performance and evaluation conversations.  We encourage each campus and/or unit to closely examine these assessment rubrics and develop appropriate adjustments based on the scope of job responsibilities and overall support provided to campus functionality and core mission and vision. Due to the great variety of employee roles and campus environments across the UW-System, these are not necessarily a “one size fits all” model. Instead, it is our hope that these guidelines serve as conversation-starters and a documentation trail for the impacts of COVID-19 for caregivers and other groups disproportionately impacted by the pandemic.

Tenure Review

IAS Review

UW System Employees (non-teaching) Review