Melinda Brennan and Krista Grensavitch, UW-Milwaukee

Melinda Brennan
Dr. Melinda Brennan
Krista Grensavitch
Dr. Krista Grensavitch

Melinda Brennan (she/her/hers) and Krista Grensavitch (she/her/hers) of UW-Milwaukee

Project Title:  Decolonizing Feminist Education: a Holistic Review of Citational Politics, Cross-listing Procedures, Inclusive Practices, and Feminist Praxis across the Curriculum

Why: Fostering a transformative community of inclusion and justice.


  • WGS is a transformational field rooted in activism.
  • Intersectional anti-racist work is pivotal to this education and community.
  • Recenter marginalized voices within curriculum and communication.
  • Reconnect to social movements and to community across difference.