Jessica Van Slooten, UW-Green Bay, Manitowoc; Valerie Murrenus Pilmaier, UW-Green Bay, Sheboygan

Jessica Van Slooten
Dr. Jessica Van Slooten
Valerie Murrenus Pilmaier
Dr. Valerie Murrenus Pilmaier

Jessica Van Slooten (she/her/hers) of UW-Green Bay, Manitowoc Campus; and Valerie Murrenus Pilmaier of UW-Green Bay, Sheboygan Campus

Project Title: Decolonizing Pedagogies Across Disciplines

Why: Equity Begins in Community

What: Decentering whiteness; Intersectional curriculum design

How:  Revise the English department outcomes and course descriptions to ensure intersectionality and anti-racism. This could be a pilot that could then be the structure for how to do it on a larger institutional scale.

Invite colleagues currently doing this work to consider the why:  to consider what we value in our program and what skill-sets they want students to have after taking these courses/completing this major.

Invite colleagues to consider the materials that we have read/discussed in this workshop (decolonizing methodologies; decentering whiteness; anti-racism) and how we can apply these tenets to our outcome/course redesign.

Apply those ideas to revising our outcomes.

Consider those values/outcomes when revising our course descriptions.

Use this process as an example to other departments who need to rethink outcomes/course descriptions.