Hilary Fezzey, UW-Superior

Hillary Fezzey
Dr. Hillary Fezzey

Hilary Fezzey (she/her/hers) of UW-Superior

Project Title:  Enhancing Anti-Racism and Feminist Scholarship in a Literature by Women Course and Beyond

Why: Cultivating Social and Self-Awareness

How (Antiracist approach):

  • Intersectional feminist, antiracist lens
  • Embedded teaching
  • Inclusive pedagogy
  • Positionality

What: Re-envisioning of English 229: Literature by Women course

  • Inclusive excellence (rethinking white supremacy culture—Tema Okun)
  • Unveiling hidden curriculum (especially for library research) (collaborate with Stephanie Warden, Assistant Library Director/Information Literacy, UW-Superior)
  • Working definitions of racism and antiracism (Ibram X. Kendi)
  • Unconscious bias training (collaborate with Salisa Hochstetler, Assistant Director of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), and T Leeper, EDI Coordinator for Gender and Sexuality Programs, UW-Superior)
  • Connections between social and emotional learning, mindfulness, and social justice (collaborate with Pruitt Center for Mindfulness and Well-Being: Randy Barker, Director of Health, Counseling, and Well-Being, and Lori Tuominen, Program Manager of the Pruitt Center, UW-Superior)