UW-Stout WGS Professor Rickie-Ann Legleitner Receives 2020-21 Outstanding Teacher Award

Photo of Rickie-Ann Legleitner receiveing teaching award
Dr. Rickie-Ann Legleitner with her award

UW-Stout WGS Professor Rickie-Ann Legleitner has received the Outstanding Teacher Award for 2020-21, on behalf of UW-Stout Academic Affairs.  Evaluation criteria for the award included 1) scholarly approach and creativity regarding methods for teaching and learning; 2) overall contributions to the discipline, university, community, and education as a whole; 3) impact on student engagement and learning outcomes; and 4) teaching effectiveness.

Thank you, Professor Legleitner, for your dedication and service to your students and to UW-Stout. Congratulations on this significant accomplishment!