WGSC Published a Ms. Article: “COVID-19, Disaster Capitalism and the Crisis in Women’s and Gender Studies”

The WGSC Published a Ms. Magazine article titled, “COVID-19, Disaster Capitalism and the Crisis in Women’s and Gender Studies.

This piece contextualizes some of the trends happening in GWS and higher education within Wisconsin in a larger national and historical context.

UW Oshkosh WGS-Tammy Ladwig
A scene from a 2018 Women’s and Gender Studies class as Tammy Ladwig teaches at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. (University of Wisconsin Oshkosh / Flickr)

“For those at the intersections of multiple identities, the current moment only enhances the oppressive forces of Western society—from the impoverished mother of color navigating job loss and daily fear for her children’s safety, to the trans student forced to return to an unsafe home—the current health and racial crises have exacerbated these harms.

Given this landscape, it’s easy to overlook the calamity also taking place in higher education or even its relevance to these other pressing matters. Yet, access to higher education and the programs that teach people how to articulate the relationship between racial justice, queer organizing, labor activism, feminism(s) and other movements for equality are crucially important at this moment.”

Read the full article at: https://msmagazine.com/2020/06/11/covid-19-disaster-capitalism-and-the-crisis-in-womens-and-gender-studies/?fbclid=IwAR2cbv2B_FoPsAcUEmQCWXCq68TYes8SHu_7CFREpNDop0ixoC7vJsGrYS8