TL Luke

TL Luke

T.L. Luke (she/they) is a professional illustrator and muralist based in Madison, WI. Inspired by memories of growing up in the middle of nowhere as an only child, her whimsically dark illustrations often depict lone girls with their animal companions, adventuring the great unknowns. Since starting her business in 2018, Luke has illustrated two children’s books, completed over 200 commissions worldwide, presented several art equity and ethical business practice workshops for tech companies, museums, and emerging artists, and continues to sell her own products at local markets and

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  1. Thank you so much for your art! The story about your grandma was so touching; I’m sorry that you had to cut her involuntarily out of your life. I feel that guilt; my great-uncle died from Parkinson’s four years ago in an assisted living facility and it was hard; he was such an inspiring force for me. Your last few illustrations remind me of something I would see in queer speculative fiction; I love the way you use color to make each panel pop. Can’t wait to see what the future has in store for your art!

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