Shame and Stigma connections to Sexual Experiences in a Queer Sample

Our study is a partial replication of (Martin-Storey, Paquette, Bergeron, Castonguay-Khounsombath, & Prévost (2022) in recognizing the nuanced aspects of Queer identity and sexuality in connection to their negative sexual experiences. These experiences can include sexual harassment, sexual coercion, and sexual assault including rape. Participants completed a survey that included closed and open-ended questions about their sexual experiences, sexuality, and connections to gender identity. This study focuses on the types of experiences individuals had and how those experiences fueled shame and stigma of the negative sexual experiences.

Jennifer L. Huck, she/her/hers, Associate Professor, Criminal Justice, Carroll University
Maddie Hanson, undergraduate student, Carroll University

3 thoughts on “Shame and Stigma connections to Sexual Experiences in a Queer Sample”

  1. Hello, thank you so much for the enlightening presentation! I really appreciate the work that you did with taking in data from college-age students and analyzing themes in their experiences that can inform us on their affects towards their sexual histories. One question I have for you two is that you mentioned that gender and sexual minority students have a 74% increased chance of experiencing sexual violence in their time in college, and that this chance increases year after year. Is there a reason or reasons you would identify that explain why this risk increases as students pass through college?

  2. Thank you for sharing your research, the topic you covered is very important! It was interesting to learn about the similarities and differences between the study you conducted and the research of Martin-Storey et al.

  3. Thank you for sharing! There is a lot to learn about the connections between sexual violence and Queer identity and sexuality. This research was very interesting and informative.

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