The Social Attitudes between Gender Majority and Gender Minority Groups

My presentation would be on a research study that I am currently conducting at Truman State University. The research looks at attitudes of prejudice, comfort, trust, and acceptance towards people in the gender majority and gender minority when comparing the ingroup and outgroups of gender majority people and gender minority people. This research was conducted through the use of a survey that was put out through Truman State University’s SONA Studies program and Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. The hypothesis was that both ingroups would have higher feelings of trust, comfort, and acceptance towards people within their group, and they would have higher feelings of prejudice towards people in their outgroup. This hypothesis was based on the current findings in the literature that suggest this pattern.

Star Alexander, They/Them, Undergraduate Student, Psychology, Truman State University

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  1. Great presentation, it is clear that a lot of work went into this research project! The discussion of social attitude variables in this context was interesting, thanks for sharing your process and findings.

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